Thursday, 1 November 2007

Aaaaand we're off...

All righty then.

First posts on brand-new-blogs are sort of tricky. (Not that I've ever had a blog before... One of the great things about the Internet is that you can automatically sound like an authority on something you have no experience about. See? I just did it again.).

Like the foreword of a particularly lengthy book, a Blog's first splat of brainwrongage is meant to achieve all sorts of high-faluting stuff. It's meant to introduce and inform the casual browser. It's meant to give some shiny insight into the goals of the writer, and to set the tone for the material that follows (though, you've gotta hope, it'd also be forgiven for going just a little over-the-top: it is, after all, supposed to draw-in readers for the long haul).

Mostly, let's be honest, your typical First Post is just there to take up some space. It simply wouldn't do to have the place all stark and chilly when the WEBSITE (another first for me... I'm getting all my netcherries popped in one go) goes live, and starts pointing people in this direction.


The Intro:

This is the blog of Simon Spurrier: author (of, say, Contract) and comics writer (of, for instance, Gutsville). I (for I am he, and all that third-person bollocks is jiffying with my head) will be updating this frosty-white void with news, reviews, updates, rumours, and various pointless rambling brainfarts as and when they occur.
There's a bit of a bio section on the Website if you're at all interested, but for the terminally inattentive the USP of this Blog looks something like this:
I'm 26, I just had my first Big Serious Novel published by a Big Serious Publisher. I'm working on Novel #2 right now. I'm greener than an ecofriendly frog and I have absolutely no idea what to expect. Welcome to the world of prose, publishing and procrastination. The ride starts here.

The Manifesto:

I'm too young and too neurotic to get away with pretending this blog exists solely to provide vitally-craved nuggets of information for my legions of fans. For one thing, my legions of fans are already pretty well-informed, and tend to have more self respect.

For another, they don't exist.

But I'm right at the start of a career as a novelist and writer, which - with a decent wind and a bit of canny captaincy - could just lead in an exciting direction. It could also lead straight down the toilet. Either way, I figure it'll be interesting to document the ups and downs as we go.

Setting the Tone:

I just bit off an otter's head. Really.

Taking Up Space:


Aaaaand we're clear.

So there you go. All First Blog objectives fulfilled, right?

Over the coming days, weeks, and months I'll be aiming to pop-along here to chime-in with... well... with Something Worth Saying, I hope, so please do keep an eye out.

For now - with the white space not looking quite so white any more - I'll say g'night.


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DavePress said...

You have now cracked your cherry, and you have at least one fan. So, in finding one fan, I hope to gain one. Make with the clicky on my name and you'll be off to my uber-useless web presence.

Contract reads excellently, and so does Gutsville.

Your fan, a yank from NYC, (avoiding the boss)