Monday, 12 November 2007

Give us a Snarl...

Just done a photo-shoot for a feature in SFX magazine.

As I'll often catch myself griping, the big challenge with getting people to buy your product isn't to make it any fucking good (although it helps), but to let them know it exists in the first place. Since Contract’s release I’ve been filling up the gaps in my schedule with odd little interviews and idiosyncratic columns on all sorts of crazy subjects for various newspapers and magazines. I'll dig a few out and post them here some rainy day.

The obvious upshot of doing this sort of thing is that, occasionally, you'll need a "this is me" picture to accompany your wordsplat. Up until now I've got-by with the little freakshot on this very blog, or one of the hideous home-made horrors cluttering my hard-drive. They tend to fall into one of two categories: Gittishly-Smiling-While-On-Holiday, or Moody-But-Shit-Cos-I-Took-It-Myself.

So today was a real departure: going out into the great unknown and having to - shudder - emote on demand. The photographer was a top bloke, happily, who didn't get too flustered when his repeated entreaties for "a snarl" or "a glare", or whatever, were silently steamrollered by my profound inability to be expressive. Maybe it's writers in general - or more likely it's just me - but it's hard enough summoning even a quietly-arched eyebrow on this pasty, sunlight-dodging, social-interaction-starved mug, let alone a full facial workout of gurns, lip-curls and sinistrations.

I made that word up. Hands off.

Anyway, he seemed to think he got what he wanted, so I await the results with bated breath. The feature should appear in SFX's December/January issue; so if you're wondering what it looks like when an awkward keyboard-chimp tries to do “menacing”, that's your chance.


Adriano Barone said...

Hi, Si, good to see you got your own place on the net, long time no hearing from you after the Engine closed up...
Good luck with the novel, and: has it already been optioned for a translation here in Italy?
If that is not the case, please let me know through my blog.


Dec said...

Hey Si! I've always liked your 'little freakshot' actually.

The only type of photo that could top that is one where you have a look of 'quiet intensity'

Try it. I think it yould suit you.