Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Webs and Surfers

A quick update:

The website draws inexorably nearer. To those who know me well, my lack of technoskill is Legend. This whole "web-presence" malarkey has done little to derail the myth.

In a nutshell: I spent three days diligently creating a lovely little website - surprising myself at how easy it was - before discovering I'd been using a DTP package all along. All my efforts were therefore wasted (though if you happen to need a business presentation all about yours truly, do let me know: you might be in luck).

Thank the dark and pagan gods, then, for dedicated webheads. The folks who hang-out on the 2000AD Messageboard are a uniformly decent bunch, and my gloomy whinges swiftly brought aid. Michael Carroll is a sterling chap who - in this age of swanky web-design packages - has rebuilt my baby from scratch using only his HTML skills.

This is not him.

Nor is this.

Nor is this.

Despite the plethora of people he isn't, I'm reassured by his frequent emails that the site will be with us imminently. Huzzah.



In completely unrelated news, my first (proper) foray into American Superhero Comics arrives in shops this week. And there's not a scrap of spandex in sight.


Yep, that's Norrin Radd; sentinel of the spaceways; the cosmic guru; the mercurial messiah; the herald of Galactus; th--

Fuck it. It's the Silver fucking Surfer, people!

This is the first episode in a 4-part miniseries titled SILVER SURFER: IN THY NAME.

It's drawn by the astonishingly good Tan Eng Huat, with covers by the likes of Michael Turner (see right), Gabrielle Dell'Otto and... wait for it... Paul Pope.

Plenty of detail, interior artwork and shillbaggery right HERE.

Ish 1 hits shops on the 7th of November.

BUY FOURTEEN. And a half.

That's it for now, I think. Lots more coming soon... Big things afoot in other areas of the Spursphere...


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Abednigo Kightly said...

"Carroll is also a science journalist"

I know what it *actually* means, but in my sci-fi addled brain I have visions of a trilby-topped space suit, rocket ships and PENS THAT WRITE IN ZERO G!!! *sigh* I went into PR far too soon ...