Friday, 7 December 2007

Silver Surfer: V.P.L.

Heads-up! The second issue of Silver Surfer: In Thy Name hits your local dingy comics-store today.

Cover art by the outrageously talented Gabrielle Dell'Otto (left), interior art by the magnificently hyperbole-worthy Tan Eng Huat, and words by some spawny Londoner with big feet.

Initial reviews look rather smashing - particularly following the "didn't-know-what-to-expect" vibe that attended the first Issue. Such is the price of anonymity.

Incidentally, it's interesting to note that in recent years artists have *tended* to draw Norrin Radd sans underwear; opting instead for a kind of amorphous cockbulge worthy of a Marilyn Manson sleeve. I guess it plays pretty well with the whole "inhuman" skit (and, let's be honest: gives some justification for the poor bastard's characteristic loneliness and frustration... all those godlike powers and no chance of even an interplanetary wank). That said, he was originally drawn with a very find pair of keks - the same colour and glossiness as his body - which Tan has opted to reproduce for the interior artwork.
So let me know, people: what's better? A mercurial mound or a silver rocket-pocket? Melted-wax-goolies or cosmic y-fronts?
Pants or nocock? I DEMAND ANSWERS.


J.S.S said...

Liking the bulge. Not in a gay way or anything. >__>

Dec said...

I like cosmic y-fronts, but that's just a matter of personal comfort.

As regards the Silver Surfer, i prefer the bulge, so to speak. Seeing him in jocks just makes me think he's wearing something. Having no jocks makes him more alien and organic which suits the character.

Picked up issue 2 by the way, looking forward to reading it.