Friday, 7 December 2007

Silver Surfer: V.P.L.

Heads-up! The second issue of Silver Surfer: In Thy Name hits your local dingy comics-store today.

Cover art by the outrageously talented Gabrielle Dell'Otto (left), interior art by the magnificently hyperbole-worthy Tan Eng Huat, and words by some spawny Londoner with big feet.

Initial reviews look rather smashing - particularly following the "didn't-know-what-to-expect" vibe that attended the first Issue. Such is the price of anonymity.

Incidentally, it's interesting to note that in recent years artists have *tended* to draw Norrin Radd sans underwear; opting instead for a kind of amorphous cockbulge worthy of a Marilyn Manson sleeve. I guess it plays pretty well with the whole "inhuman" skit (and, let's be honest: gives some justification for the poor bastard's characteristic loneliness and frustration... all those godlike powers and no chance of even an interplanetary wank). That said, he was originally drawn with a very find pair of keks - the same colour and glossiness as his body - which Tan has opted to reproduce for the interior artwork.
So let me know, people: what's better? A mercurial mound or a silver rocket-pocket? Melted-wax-goolies or cosmic y-fronts?
Pants or nocock? I DEMAND ANSWERS.