Saturday, 31 May 2008

Alienwatch: HOUR TWO.

Fantastic... This whole Alien Video thing is galloping away marvellously.

The latest twist is that the footage available on YouTube (which I dilligently posted earlier) is in fact a fake. The real footage hasn't been released yet, beyond a single grainy black and white stillframe which looks - if anything - even crappier than the fake.

The glorious irony in all this is that one of the things Jeff Packman cited as "proof" that his video couldn't possibly be a fake is that it would've cost thousands upon thousands of dollars and taken weeks to make.

...and yet some enterprising net-soul has - within a day - zapped-out a fake which is, if not terribly convincing, at least plausibly rubbish. ...And may well turn-out to be more "realistic" than the real thing.

So technically the hunt for the first stab at launching the Meme has already been found... In fact this is possibly the first ever Internet Meme which became a spoof BEFORE being a reality. Huzzah!

...all of which leaves us with one shitty but amusing fake, one throbbing vacuum of expectation still begging to be less-than-satisfied by the real thing (whenever it finally shows up), and a gallon of blog morons like me rabbiting uselessly about it all.

I love the Internets.

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Jacob Malewitz said...

No idea about all this, or the horse you rode in one, but damn, "The Culled" is good. I loved The Simping Detective too, but didn't connect your name until my mom, whose basement I live in ...
I must say, in all honesty, you've got quite an imagination. I reviewed The Simping Detective for paperback reader a while back, and I just started The Culled, to be reviewed soon. Thanks for the entertainment, it helps a bad writer dream. I am looking forward to future works.
--Jake Snake