Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Toad of the Rings

In Other News, I’m feeling a little guilty about a trick I’ve been playing on my poor, long-suffering parents.

See, Chiara (princess of the Spursphere) is getting a special engagement ring made from the diamonds culled from a handful of heirlooms that trickled down to me when my grandparents died. We’re getting something really simple and elegant designed, but I’ve been telling my folks stories of baroque white-gold dolphins and unicorns with their horns twined around the central stone, just to see how far I can push it before they stop saying “Ohhhh, that sounds lovely” and start being honest.

Nowhere near, so far.

Of course, when I say I'm "feeling a little guilty", what I really mean is: I'm loving every minute.

Suggestions for how I can push this one even further are warmly welcomed.

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Alice Tarleton said...

Why not tell them you've in fact decided to do away with restrictive conventional symbols like rings, wedding attire and marriage vows entirely and will instead be holding a midnight naked Druid ceremony on a beach? Or might they just believe you...