Monday, 30 March 2009

MY HATINGS: #3 (Week beginning 23rd March 2009)

A day-by-day guide to That Which Annoys, as culled from the procrastination-heavy Bileduct that is Twitter's @SISPURRIER.

MONDAY) HATING OF THE DAY: Those who mistakenly think cafes exist for socialising and noisy chitchat, rather than lonely, resentful, SILENT work.

TUESDAY) HATING OF THE DAY: The phrase "At The End Of The Day", used to sync slow brain with big mouth. "At the end of the day, I'm still a twunt."

WEDNESDAY) HATING OF THE DAY: Rising inflections in non-query sentences. In a Californian: merely annoying. In a Londoner: PREPARE THE SCROTAL FLAILS.

THURSDAY) HATING OF THE DAY: People who keep invertebrates as pets on the grounds that “AK-shully they’re rrrreally affectionate.” Rapists-in-waiting.

FRIDAY) HATING OF THE DAY: "CONDOMS GAVE ME THE AIDZ OMFG JESUSLOLZ!!!!!" May your silly hat squash you, you ridiculous German virgin. [Topical HATE]

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Shay said...

Well said, sir.