Thursday, 12 February 2009

NYCC: Unflingin' the Shit.

Frequent visitors to the Spursphere may notice the abrupt disappearance of a blog entry titled "Shit Flingin'", originally posted a couple of days ago.

It was essentially a sleepless, bilious mutter about the unpleasant culture of "my dick's bigger than your dick" which infects some conversations between some creators in the bubbling, stewing industry called Comics. I say "some" because it's not everyone, and it's certainly not any of the people I'm lucky enough to call my friends, colleagues and contacts. I just happened to notice one or two instances of it whilst in New York, and thought it worthy of note.

There was one particular line in said blog, referring to the enthusiastic yammerings of Boastful People, which read "80% of it is bullshit..." It's now clear to me that, read in the wrong light, it was possible to infer from this little section of the diatribe that I was suggesting 80% of everything that goes on at a convention is bullshit. Not so. I love comic conventions in all their weird, busy, colourful glory. They're fun, they're productive, they're needed.

To get back to the subject that I was really on: I think there is a danger when a cycle of hollow boasting begins to emerge among a community as neurotic and panicky as artists and writers. I think anyone who plays that game - bragging about "certainties" which are in reality just "maybes" - is not only harming their own reputation in the long run (they end up looking stupid), but souring the whole Group experience for everyone else, specifically by encouraging an atmosphere of desperation and competition.

BUT when I wrote the original blog - in my generally misanthropic state of Comic-Croup-Suffering self pity - I'd failed to highlight how much fun I had in NY, how fantastic it was to see/meet/re-meet so many great people, and how excited I am right now about the Industry and my place in it.

So I've torpedoed the downer and made way for the Light. Consider this is a self-administered act of history-rejigging in the name of Sharing The Love.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Toad of the Rings

In Other News, I’m feeling a little guilty about a trick I’ve been playing on my poor, long-suffering parents.

See, Chiara (princess of the Spursphere) is getting a special engagement ring made from the diamonds culled from a handful of heirlooms that trickled down to me when my grandparents died. We’re getting something really simple and elegant designed, but I’ve been telling my folks stories of baroque white-gold dolphins and unicorns with their horns twined around the central stone, just to see how far I can push it before they stop saying “Ohhhh, that sounds lovely” and start being honest.

Nowhere near, so far.

Of course, when I say I'm "feeling a little guilty", what I really mean is: I'm loving every minute.

Suggestions for how I can push this one even further are warmly welcomed.