Thursday, 4 August 2011

A Serpent Uncoiled: Launch Day Review Roundup

A launch-day roundup of the reviews for A Serpent Uncoiled, if only so we have somewhere to point people while we kick-up an Internet Buzzstorm. As always any ReTweeting, cross-bloggenation and general word-of-mouthery is enormously appreciated. (Pointing folks to my website for clickthroughs is probably the easiest option.)

Onto those reviews. To date we haven't seen a single negative word spoken. I cannot describe how amazing that feels. (And that's not just because the launch party broke my brain.)

Quoth BookGeeks:
"With each elegantly sculpted paragraph, Spurrier refuses to be dictated to by the whim of the ‘average reader.’ As a result, those of us with the staying power have been gifted a book than fully deserves to become a cult classic. As of late July, this is the most original book of the year." (Full review here.)

Quoth Juniper's Jungle:
"It’s an intelligent and entirely satisfying read, particularly as the solution plays out for both Shaper and the reader. " (Full review here.)

Quoth Falcata Times:
"If you love crime with an Urban Fantasy twist, a flawed lead character and a twisted plotline that will keep you guessing then you’ve come to the right author." (Full review here.)

Quoth The Fantastical Librarian:
“A Serpent Uncoiled is a great book, not for the faint of heart, but very much recommended.” (Full review here.)

“With gargantuan literary flourishes, Spurrier evidently likes to roll his words around his mouth to test if they taste right before spitting them out onto the page. What you get are flashes of brilliance sodden by great gobs of wry humour.” (Full review here.)

Quoth WarpCoreSF:
“…his London is black and desperate, shot through with unexpected flashes of brilliant colour… his dry humour and unique voice make Shaper's London dark and fascinating.” (Full review here.)

Quoth Pornokitsch:
“A Serpent Uncoiled is a book about a man on the edge - of society, of self-destruction and of reality - but not over it. With it, Mr. Spurrier proves he's on the edge as well, taking the step from a promising talent to a great writer.” (Full review here.)


The Hypocrite Himself said...

Loved the book. Enjoyed the twists and the uniqueness of the setting very much.

Got referred by Wil Wheaton of all people, but turned out the referral was good and the book is definitely worth the money.

I read almost exclusively on my cell phone with the Kindle app, so being able to get it on launch in electronic form was a real bonus.

Cheers, and well done!

Simon Spurrier said...

Really appreciate the comment - thanks so much. If you can be bothered to leave a similar review on Amazon, every little helps!