Friday, 5 August 2011

A Serpent Uncoiled: LAUNCH DAY

So! After what seems like a very long time, with a lot of hard work from a lot of very excellent people along the way, A SERPENT UNCOILED is finally released today.

My publishers and I will naturally be doing our best to create a buzz, and sustain interest until the arrival of the Mass Market Paperback in early 2012. Part of that buzz takes the form of reviews - of which we've had many; all frighteningly good. See for yourself. The other part of the equation is a simple appeal to you - the reader, the visitor, the just-checking-it-out Curious Cat - to give the book a try. I'm confident you'll find it unique, compelling; memorable.

If you like it, all I ask is that you tell your friends. Mention it on Twitter, post a review to your blog, whatever. Point them right here, to this page, so they can check it out themselves.

For Brits and Eurochums, here's the Amazon link:

And again for the Kindle:

I'm waiting on some news regarding U.S. access, but if you do find yourself on the Big Side of the Atlantic (or elsewhere overseas) and can't wait, the fine folks at The Book Depository won't charge you any shipping-fees. Which is nice.


For reasons I don't entirely understand (am investigating as I type) it seems the book is already available on the US for Kindle. That comes as news to me, but I'm no gift-horse-dentist, so let's sell the hell outta this: U.S. KINDLE EDITION.


Simon said...

Excellent- really enjoyed both 'Contract' and 'The Culled', so looking forward to reading this.

Mark Andrew Edwards said...

I get 'pricing info not available' on the US kindle link (and via the Kindle app as well).

I'll keep trying. After Erik's write up, I'm determined to get this, though.