Thursday, 26 May 2011

CROSSED: Wish You Were Here

Here’s Big News #1. From October 2011 Avatar Press will be presenting a brand new webcomic based in the dystopian world of Garth Ennis’s fabulously successful Crossed. Just like Avatar’s other runaway hit Freakangels, it’ll be published online in weekly episodes. And, just like Freakangels, it’ll be 100% free to view.

It’s called Crossed: Wish You Were Here. It’s drawn by Javier Barreno (fresh from David Lapham’s Crossed: Family Values) and it’s written by Si Spurrier – that’s me – fresh from the X-Men, Silver Surfer, Judge Dredd and assorted Internet-based sweariness.

Big news #2? If you’re lucky enough to be at the Phoenix Comicon over the next few days, you can swing-by the Avatar booth (tables 201-302) to pick up an exclusive Ashcan Edition of the first episode; featuring Javier’s gorgeous pencils, introductory waffle by yrs. truly, and a guy doing something unspeakable to a dolphin. It’s the perfect ground-floor entry to our Big Plans for the Crossed Universe, and I’ll be on hand to cheerfully draw a cock-and-balls on your copy. Or sign it, if you prefer.

Wish You Were Here is the diary of a doomed settlement besieged by sadistic psycho-horror, with a narrative quirk I’m calling “gonzo comicbook fiction.” And it looks, though I say it myself, fucking tasty.

So swing-by and say hi. And if you’re too lazy to make it out to Arizona at short notice, go find @AvatarPress and @sispurrier on Twitter, and watch the horizon.